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What does a Photo Organizer Do?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Photo Organizing is a relatively new industry niche within the Professional Organizing community that started about 10 years ago when the number of digital photos increased with the inclusion of better cameras in smart phones. People are now taking more photos than ever. In 2017, Mylio estimated that 14 TRILLION photos would be taken that year alone! How many have you taken in the past year? The past 5 years?

Professional Photo Organizers (PPO) offer a wide range of services relating to printed and digital photos starting with collection and organization, leading to creating photo albums, digital books or slideshows, scanning photos and slides, creating photo gifts and keepsakes, installing and maintaining backup systems, and providing education on current technology for digital photos and digitizing print photos as well as best archival practices as it relates to printed photographs or heritage images and memorabilia.

How does this impact you and do you need to hire a PPO?

A Photo Organizer can:

  • compile digital photos from multiple devices, computers, hard drives, backups, and cloud accounts into one library

  • search for and remove duplicates automatically

  • make your digital photos searchable by personalized keywords

  • teach you how to maintain this organization year after year

  • backup your photo library

  • help you to share online with friends and family

  • make quick work of sorting boxes of old printed photos

  • make photo albums

  • provide archival quality storage for photos and memorabilia

A Photo Organizer can do all of this for you, and more! Do you want to make photo books from your digital photos, books you can have printed and share with family? Do you want to get those shoe boxes of dusty prints out of your closet and into albums? Do you want to digitize those old prints for easy sharing online? Do you just want to be able to look at your photos without having to search endlessly trying to find the right ones? Are you setting up your legacy and want to share those memories without having the hassle? Photo Organizers make telling your story, however that looks for you, easy, stress-free, and do-able.

Get started today with a free phone consultation. Click here.

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