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Stop Photo Overwhelm on your Phone

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Let's talk about the best way to organize the photos on your phone.

Hi. I'm Anne Alagna. I'm a digital organizer specializing in photos.

The first way I like to utilize organizing my photos on my phone is called the daily delete method.

With this method, you set a recurring reminder for yourself to go into your phone and delete unnecessary photos that you've taken since the last time you've gone through and deleted photos off your phone.

So, if you do it daily, it's every 24 hours. You could do it weekly. You could do it monthly.

It depends on how many photos you took.

I like to have that time be less than 2 minutes.

Because, honestly, I lose track of the fact that I'm supposed to be deleting photos so the more often I do it, the less there is for me to go through and the less time it takes to do it.

Unnecessary Photos to me are:

Blurry Photos

Photos with Fingers in them

Accidental Photos

Photos of the floor, photos of the ceiling

Stuff like that.

I delete Screenshots with information in them that I've already used

and photos that I took to send to someone else that I no longer need.

And then, what I'm left with are generally all the good photos.

Then I go through and delete any photos that are near-duplicates.

So... it's a burst shot that took 10 photos at a time, OR I clicked a lot of photos

right away because I wasn't sure which one was going to be good and I didn't want to miss the moment. I'll go through and pick out the good ones and delete the other ones.

And Screenshots of information I still want, I upload those into Evernote. Ya know, any notes app would work. I'll upload those into a notes app and then I delete them off my phone so that information is no longer on my phone (storage.)

Then I have the best of the best photos and I can move on to the next day or the next week depending on when I'm setting that recurring notice to myself.

Another way that I like to keep the number of photos on my phone to a minimum is to utilize an SD card. This just works like an external hard drive does for your laptop but it's in your phone.

Another way to organize the photos in your phone Is to use folders or albums. I have an Android phone and within the photos app I can move photos into albums.

And what that looks like for me is at the end of my daily delete I will highlight all of the photos that I want to move into an album, whether it's by chronology or whether it's by theme. I will move all of those photos into an album and then my camera roll is clear for the new photos.

It makes it a lot easier the next day when I go in and I see how many photos I have for the day

I know how many photos I have to go through for my daily delete.

Maybe we went on vacation... And I want to put all of the vacation photos in one album. Right?

That's easy, just highlight them all move them into a new album.

Maybe when you're on vacation you take way more photos than you do when you're home.

In that case, maybe you want a different folder (album) for each day of the vacation. So that you have like a Disney folder or a Legoland folder or a beach folder ya know, a skiing folder, whatever you did. You can make a folder (album) with all of those pictures.

A lot easier! Then you can scroll through the albums to find the right photos rather than continually scrolling through all of the photos on the phone with no structure there.

Another good way to help with all the photos on your phone is to download them onto your laptop

or create a backup like maybe to a cloud. There are a lot of different cloud options out there.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have a free option with Amazon Prime Photos.

It's free to you. It's not going to cost you anything extra. And you can set it to backup your photos

from your phone every night or every week. It's up to you how often you need to have that done.

But it gives you a little peace of mind in case your phone dies. Or you have some kind of, you know, What happens? like why does a phone die? Because I spilled a Pepsi on it, that's why a phone dies!

Gives you a little more peace of mind that those photos are safe and you still have them.

And then why waste space in your backup or in your download files with photos that you don't need? Which is why we do the daily delete first. We go through all those unnecessary photos first

and then we download or backup. Works out great.

A good thing to strive for is to create a photo library. You have photos on your laptop.

You have photos on your phone. You might have photos that you want to keep from your spouse's phone. Or from one of your kids' phones. Maybe you have a camera with a memory card. Maybe someone from work gave you a flash drive with photos on it.

You want to put all of these photos from all of these different places in one place and we call that a Photo Library. Once they are in the Photo Library you can then add folders to make more sense of what you're looking at And you can also, once they're in the Photo Library, go and delete them off your devices so that there's less storage space required on the device but you still have all the photos.

There's a lot of different ways to organize your photos.

There's a lot of different circumstances under which you have photos.

And everybody takes a different number of photos.

It might be common for you to take over 100 photos a day or a thousand photos a day. It doesn't matter how many you take or how often.

All of these tips will work for you.

I hope you found my tips helpful.

Join me back here next Tuesday when we talk about how to organize your digital photos.

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