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Sh!tty Photos Can Still Tell a Story

We've all seen them. They might be slightly blurry. Maybe with a thumb in one corner. Or maybe they are too dark, too overexposed, not well positioned. You had your eyes closed. The dog was pooping in the background. It's old and faded.

But.... you struggle to throw away this sh!tty photo.

Sometimes a less than perfect photograph tells such a great story. It triggers a memory that's close to your heart. Or maybe it is the only photo you have of someone, someplace, sometime, or something special.

Just because a photo isn't professional quality doesn't mean that you have to throw it away!

You can keep your photos and the stories that go with them!

Use an index card and jot down the Who What Where When and then save it with the photo. This will ensure that future generations who come across this less-than-perfect photograph will learn your story and see the value in your memory.

Feel free to save this photo and move on, guilt-free, to declutter other unimportant photos.

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