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Digital Photos: What to Keep vs Delete

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

With so many digital photos and so many more being taken every day, where should you start to get them under control? Here is a quick list of photos you can delete without any guilt, followed by a list of images you should always keep.

Delete these. Remember, no guilt.

  1. Bad Photos. Delete any apparent mistakes, unflattering photos, missed shots, blurry, or shots with a finger or thumb featured prominently.

  2. Reminders and Screenshots.

  3. Memes and Recipes.

  4. Multi and Burst shots. Duplicates and very similar photos.

  5. Non Scenic Landscapes and Architecture.

  6. Excessive Selfies.

  7. Other People's Pets

Keep these.

  1. Great Shots.

  2. Flattering photos.

  3. Imperfect photos that feature someone who is now gone for which you have no other pictures.

  4. Photos that help tell a story you want to preserve.

  5. Reference photos you still need. Any images that show evidence for pending legal cases.

  6. The best singular photo from a Burst shot.

  7. Unique photographs that you have a gut feeling you should keep.

Don't want to go through all that work every few years? Try these suggestions:

-Set a reminder to do a quick cleanse of your photo library every few months, then back it up.

-Establish a habit of deleting bad photos right when you take them or within the day.

-Schedule two minutes per day to browse the photos on your phone and delete them.

-Consider hiring a professional photo organizer to help you organize and maintain your collection. Click here to schedule a free call to discuss your collection.

For more information about controlling your digital photos check out this post:

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