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  • Anne Alagna

Can I D.I.Y. my photo collection? 7 questions to answer before you begin.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Before beginning any large project, it’s best to have all the information to create a plan, a foundation from which to attack the project.

Here are 7 questions to help you examine the scope of your project.

1) How many photos do I have?

Include printed, digital, negatives, slides.

2) Where are my photos located?

Include photo albums, boxes and envelopes, all devices, cloud accounts, and outdated media types

3) What is my end goal for these photos?

Photo albums, scrapbooks, photo books, to print digital photos, to scan printed photos, photo gifts, share online, displays

4) How much time can I devote to this project?

Can you spend 8 hours, one day every week until completed? Maybe 2 hours one weekend per month? How much time can you schedule for this ongoing?

5) What is my timeframe for completion?

Looking at your end goal and timeframe for completion, is your available time enough to complete all of your photos or will you need to make adjustments or possibly hire out certain portions of the project

6) Why haven’t I started this yet? What is holding me back?

7) What questions do I need answered before I can organize my photos?

Click here to set up a one-on-one chat to talk through your photo collection.

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