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  • Anne Alagna

6 Steps to Organize Digital Photos

Managing your photos has become a much bigger task than the old shoebox in the closet

we used to have. With the rapid advancement of technology and the addition of cameras in our phones, we now have the ability to constantly snap photos with very little consequence. And we often take many very similar photos until we get the perfect shot.

Gone are the days when we only got 24 chances and then had to wait while someone developed the film for us before we could see if we were successful at all. Consequently, most of us have 1000s of photos made up of old printed photos and digital images.

So where do you start if you want to organize and backup all of these photos?

Start with digital.

Hi, I'm Anne. I'm a digital organizer specializing in photos. Today I'm going to walk you through the basics of organizing your digital photos.

Mike Ashenfelder, a digital preservation project coordinator with the Library of Congress said in a webinar in 2013 "Technology changes rapidly. If you don't actively care for your digital possessions, you may lose access to them as some technologies become obsolete."

We've already seen floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and other old formats fall by the wayside. With our digital assets still on them. We're unable to access them because our operating system or computer hardware moved forward faster than we did, or because the lifespan of our storage vessel timed out. At the same time, we looked the other way and our files became aged and corrupted.

What steps can you take now?

Step One: GATHER

Find all your devices and your storage mediums and gather them into one location. This could include current and old cell phones, computers, including obsolete ones you no longer use,

laptops, cloud accounts, photo sharing accounts, backup drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and memory cards.


Go through and find what you want to save. What is essential to preserve.

Step Three: ORGANIZE

Organize your collection in whatever manner works for you. Chronologically, by event,

themed, or by type.

Step Four: BACKUP

The most widespread theory on backup standards is to save three copies on two different

types of media and keep one in a different location than the others. And then make sure to


Spend time reorganizing your collection at regular intervals, so that you are continually

gathering and backing up your most current photos.

And finally,

Step Six: MANAGE

Keep track of your collection by updating your storage medium at least every five to seven years,

or well before your current technology becomes obsolete. If you use a storage device frequently,

upgrade it much sooner.

Following these steps should help keep your photo collection, **your photo library** up to date and functional.

In the comments below, Let me know what questions you have about digital photo organization.

If you found this helpful, please like, subscribe, and click the bell so you're notified when I upload a new video each week. Then join me back here next Tuesday when I'll demonstrate how to get your photos off some of the more popular online sources. Until then, thanks for joining me!

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