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Photo Organizing Services

Preserve Your Memories

You have so many memories, but where are they? 
In a stack of albums? In half finished scrapbooks? In boxes, and bags? Stuck on undeveloped rolls of film?  Are they lost on multiple computers, flash sticks, CDs and DVDs?
Can you find that photo quickly when you want to show it off?

Digital Photo Organization

Centralize, Organize, Back-up Your Photos

Having your digital photos spread out over multiple sources, Phones, PCs and Laptops, Tablets, Memory cards, and DVDs, makes it difficult to locate the right one when you need it.  Need a photo for an email or social media post but it's on another device? Trying to share photos with a friend but its on one of multiple memory cards and you aren't sure which?  Is your #tbt just another repeat?  Would you like to have immediate access to your photos from all of your devices? 


End your digital photo stress.  I can consolidate and organize your digital photos from multiple devices, remove duplicates, and create a backup on your preferred cloud service. 


Printed Photo Organization

Organize and Maintain Your Collection

You had your film developed. You flipped through the photos quickly and relived those memories momentarily.  But then where did you put them?  Are they still in the bag and envelope they came home in?  Are they in frames that you display? Or maybe frames that you no longer have room for?  Did you put them in an album and they've grown yellow and sticky?  What did you do with those old photos you inherited from your parents or grandparents?  How will your legacy look to the one who inherits it?

Let's set up a photo management system that will last long term and protect your collection from any further damage or decay.  I offer many levels of service to meet your needs, whatever they may be.


Scanning Services

Digitize Your Memories, Photos and Memorabilia

Do you have Printed Photos, some old slides and negatives, sentimental items that help tell your story?  Would you like to combine these with your digital photos for easier access and sharing?

By scanning your photos, negatives, slides, letters, newspaper articles, and assorted memorabilia you can further preserve and enhance your memories in a format that will keep the images free from further aging.  You can combine images from your printed collection with your digital photos and have an easily searchable file full of memories that you can use and share at your convenience.

I can also scan your large format  projects, digitize your traditional scrapbooks, delicate memorabilia, large and bulky sentimental items you need to preserve or photograph for projects.

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