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I'm Anne.

Hi. My name is Anne Alagna (she/her)


I'm a Digital Organizer specializing in photos.  I help overwhelmed families declutter their digital environment so they can find what they need quickly.  I am here to help you with photo organization, creating photo projects, and providing guidance and support through emotional times while sorting photos and memorabilia.  


As a Photo Organizer, I've been able to combine my knowledge from working in technology-based positions of finance and eCommerce with my talents from hobbies utilizing print and digital photos, as well as experience archiving family heritage photos and memorabilia.  

I have developed an emotional support system to minimize the effects of emotional photo overwhelm to help you get through this project without breakdowns.  


The truth is I've often seen worse, worked on bigger projects, and soothed upset clients triggered by surprise emotional photos.  It's all in a day's work to give you exactly what you need.


I am a member of The Photo Managers (formerly known as the Association of Professional Photo Organizers, (APPO)) and the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). I am the 2021-2022 Director of Professional Development with the NAPO Virtual Chapter.  I am certified in Digital Photo Organizing through The Miss Freddy Method.  I am currently pursuing certification in Photo Organizing with The Photo Managers.


In my business, I strive to be all-inclusive, tolerant, and equitable.  I am willing to adjust my practices to accommodate your needs from any disability, neurodiversity, race, ethnic belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  I strive to be more than an ally.  I strive to be an advocate.  


My focus is you and your photo collection.  I will meet you where you are in your photo journey and help you hands-on, train you to do it yourself,  or give you tips and tricks you can implement for fast results.  I provide what you need, on your level.


Why not take the plunge and let a professional organize your photos and help with your projects, guilt-free.

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