I'm Anne.

I'm a Professional Photo Organizer.

Throughout my adult years, I've worked in many different industries mastering nothing but excelling at everything. I've worked in finance, culinary, automotive, eCommerce, and health services.

I've always been organizationally minded. From my youngest, elementary school age, when I emptied my closet so that I could establish a library complete with the Dewey decimal system and library cards, to my time working as a senior caregiver for disabled, disorganized, and recovering hoarder seniors, my propensity toward organization has overflowed onto those around me.


My mother always fostered a creative spirit in me, and I spent a lot of time doing the same with my children. I had always enjoyed looking at photos and sharing the related stories and memories. Still, when I discovered traditional scrapbooking 17+ years ago, it felt as though I had finally found the perfect craft for me! I enjoyed making memory books for my family and friends, which was made a lot easier when I organized both our printed photos and our digital photos to access both for my books effortlessly. For many years, I worked in the scrapbook community, teaching other women how to organize their photos, both in-person and online.

Eventually, I was forced to make changes to my career path when I lost the majority of my voice due to a vocal cord injury after surgery on my spine. I went from a career heavy in voice use to a career that was physically taxing. After injuring my shoulder, I was forced to retire from yet another industry and pivot to an industry I had hardly known existed just a few years earlier. But coincidentally, my hobbies had grown into an industry of their own!

As a Photo Organizer, I've been able to combine my knowledge from working in technology-based finance, teaching, and eCommerce with my talents from hobbies with print and digital photos, as well as experience archiving family heritage photos and memorabilia.

I am a member of The Photo Managers (formerly known as the Association of Professional Photo Organizers) and the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). I work on the Professional Development Committee with the NAPO Virtual Chapter.